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Meta Search engines other than google and yahoo

Popular search engines are Google, yahoo in world. But searching world lot of others are also available. Some of them are topic specified ones.
Listed the popular  Meta Search Engines:

AOL Up Clusty Dogpile Excite Family Friendly Search Fazzle Curry Guide Info Galaxy Blast Hotbot IceRocket
Info.com InfoSpace Internet Sleuth Ixquicki ZitoOne Seek Kanoodle Find
Some others are are
Kartoo, Lycos, Mamma, MetaCrawler, Netscape, One Page, Proteus, Scrub, All, the Web, AltaVista,
These search engines are not that much common
MetaEureka, Giga, the WebSearch, HippoSearch, the WebSearch.com, InfoGrid
Surf MultiSearch Engines, Wax, Teoma, Turbo10, WebCrawler, Zap
MetaHighway, 6137.com, Go.com, Beauco, M,etaSpider Mega, Go


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