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How to Use WhatsApp on Desktop

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging system in now days.Mobile version of WhatsApp is available in all major mobile platforms includes Android,iPhone,windows phone and Blackberry.
Finally WhatsApp announced desktop version of messaging , using web browser to sent and receive messages. This version is a extension of mobile so all messages in your mobile is also available in web.

Steps to use WhatsApp on web?

1. For start to use whatsApp in desktop open the following Link

Need to scan the QR code shown in browser using your current installed whatsApp in moblie.

One important thing is,  your mobile phone is always connected to internet for the desktop version to work. So  WiFi is the better solution.













2. Get the latest version of WhatsApp in your phone.

Then a new option will be come in Main menu.

 whatsApp menu->whatsApp Web

WhatsApp mobile QR code

3.Scan the QR code shown in Browser using your mobile whatsApp Web option













4. After that your phone will be paired with the web. You can use whatsApp just like in mobile.

whatsApp web


Video Tutorial for use whatsApp on web


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