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How To stop autoplay of Facebook Videos

Simple Steps to disable autoplay of Facebook Videos 1. Click on the down arrow icon at the top-right of your Facebook homepage 2. Go to facebook settings 3. Take Video tab 4. Select Auto-play Video Option and choose ‘off’ option Finished Video Tutorial of stop autoplay of Facebook Videos

Resetting forgotten phpmyadmin password

Simply change or reset your MySQL root password by doing the following: Run the following commands in Terminal Step 1 :Stop the MySQL server sudo service mysql stop Step 2 : Start mysqld sudo mysqld –skip-grant-tables $; Step 3:Login to MySQL as root mysql -u root mysql Step 4 :Change MYSECRET with your new root

Clear history for a specific site In Google Chrome

Clear history for a specific site In Google Chrome

 Chrome faster browser from google. It almost work like a OS. You can reach the history delete by Press CTRL+ALT+DEL Follow the below steps to delete the history for a specific site In Google Chrome 1. Go to History  (CTRL+ALT+DEL) 2. Search Website URL  want to delete 3.Check  the first item you want to delete and

Stop twitter posting on facebook wall

Sometimes  feel annoying all twitter posts are re-posted to facebook Wall. The reason behind  is You are connected to the Facebook App and given access  twitter to post on FB Timeline. For preventing twitter posting on facebook timeline do the following step 1. Take the Profile/Settings menu on Twitter 2. visit the apps tab. 3. Find

What is the difference between Frontend and UI Developer

Front-end developer is forming sites utilizing HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other regular client side scripting technologies. The aim is on complete the product on restricted time frame. The front-end developer consider the page as a whole and web project as a combination of those pages. UI-Developer utilizes HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other client-side technologies. There

disable built-in keyboard of a laptop,disable keyboard

How to disable built-in keyboard of a laptop

You can disable your laptop keyboard when it is not in use or if it is malfunctioning by the following steps. First method disables your keyboard  for single time where  the second method keeps it disabled until you revert the changes   1st Method (Temporary) 1. Click START menu and search ‘Device Manager‘ 2. Open