Backup your Facebook profile data in easy steps

Backup your Facebook profile data in easy steps

Simple steps to get Facebook profile data. We can save it as document for future use and understand the time spend in Facebook for different activities.

Step 1. Login into your Facebook account and go to [highlight]settings-> General account Settings.[/highlight]

Step 2. Instantly you can see the [highlight]Download a copy of your Information[/highlight]  data link, now click on that link.

Step 3. In the wake of clicking, this will open another page and on this page you can see[highlight] Download Your Information->Start My Archive[/highlight]. Click on it. A popup will come with an input box to[highlight] enter your facebook password[/highlight]. Please enter the password.

Step 4. In a matter of seconds you get message by Facebook – “the download link will be sent to your email id which you used to make your Facebook account.

Step 5. After a minute, check your email, now you can see that you got Message from Facebook with the download link. Click on the download link and enjoy.

download document

The downloaded document displays your messages, photos, images and all other activities.


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