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Women safety mobile app of Delhi Police Himmat

Delhi police announced a new app for women safety “Himmat”. Himmat will allow women to send a call to Police control room ,relatives and friends at the time of an emergency.The app is  mainly for women travel outside home for work ,shopping ..etc. The himmat app is launched by union minister raj nath sigh on Thursday. This app is very useful for night working women. This is an example of how we can use technology for people safety.

Delhi police also conducting several self defence programs for women. Recently a group of girls successfully completed Delhi police self-defence program.

Working of Himmat app

1. Download the app from store

2.Register in Delhi police website with her name,mobile number and minimum of 2 relatives or friends mobile number.

3.After registration the user will get a SMS on her mobile number . The SMS have download link and registration key.

himmat app launched

himmat app launched

4.Enter registration key in the application window.

5.  At the time emergency,women can send an alert to the police by shaking the phone/pressing the power button. After button is pressed,automatic audio and video recording will be start for next 30 seconds and transmitting to police.

6. Police will make a return call to victim mobile.

7. An SMS is send to friend/relatives and also a status is posted to Facebook and twitter timeline related to that account.

Congratulate the Delhi police for effort take to save our women.

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