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Translate a web page to your language using web browser google chrome

Translate is triggered when the web pages contain languages other than English in google chrome. If the default setting is turned on then translate option will appear on the top of the browser.

Turn translation on or off in google chrome
Step 1. Click  Chrome menu icon on top right corner.
step 2.Click on Settings.
Step 3. A new window will open and bottom click advanced settings.
Step 4.  In language section check or uncheck the “Offer to translate pages that aren’t in a language you read”.

google chrome translation

Shortcut to do translation

Right- Click on any page and select Translate to English. The default setting explained is not an issue for  translation.

Right-click any page and select Translate to English, even if you turn off the translate option for a site or language. Note: If you choose this option translate will be turned back on for the site and language.
Translate is triggered whenever you visit a page that isn’t written in one of your preferred webpage languages. Learn how to adjust your webpage language preferences in Windows, Mac, Linux, and on Chromebooks.

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