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Ubuntu command for access another system using ssh

Ubuntu command for access another system is SSH <username>@<ip> Example: sudo ssh smarttips@ Type the above command in Terminal .You should be the administrator of this system and also know the password of another system Then system will ask the root password and password of the system trying to connect. Give that password and you can access that system or ...

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How to Give All File Permission / folder permission recursively in ubuntu(chmod command)

Ubuntu ooperating system(os) gives more importance to security. So all types operations need root permissions. Two ways give permissions in Ubuntu. one ways is to right click on on file/folder and edit permissions. You should be admin to do this. The second way is through terminal. command: sudo chmod 777 pathtofile/folder Eg :sudo chmod -R 777 /var/www/smarttips/ sudo chmod -R ...

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How to get root access in ubuntu

Linux is a opensource platform. Most popular linux based operating system is ubuntu. The latest version of ubuntu is choose Ubuntu 12.10. The ubuntu 12.10 version contains latest features but it has long term support. The stable and LTS one is Ubuntu 12.O4 LTS.Ubuntu giving more preference to its secuirity so all root access is password protected. The command for ...

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