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IP Ban using htaccess

Use the following code in .htacces file. Then all the request from that ip will be denied. This will helps to protect the website from particular ip attack. ## USER IP BANNING <Limit GET POST> order allow,deny deny from allow from all </Limit>

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limit the number of characters in a string php

String functions are have good role in php programming. Some times the php developer wants to limit the number of characters. In certain situations have one function. It is very useful and easy to apply PHP Function is Syntax: substr(string, <start position>,<end position>) Eg: $string=’I am a web developer”; substr($string,0,6); output: I am a

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extract date from datetime in php

PHP is a object oriented programming language for website building. PHP has number of in-built of functions to do different tasks .one important function is date.We can use date php function in different ways. Sometimes date from the back-end as timestamps. It means contains both date and time. some situations only need date part so use the following code. $timewithdate ...

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How to send mails using PHP

The following function is using for sending php mail: <?php   mail(to, subject, message, headers, parameters); ?> mail is php library function which is using globally t0 Рreceiving address subject-the subject of mail message- message to send headers-optional, cc,bcc..etc parameters- optional, specifies additional parameters

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