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how to find and kill a process using particular port

Use the following command for stop a process using port 80 .This example is based on Ubuntu Linux operating system. Commands need to run in terminal sudo netstat -lpn |grep :80 tcp6       0      0 :::80                   :::* LISTEN      1185/apache2 sudo kill 1185

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How to ALTER table in SQL

ALTER a table in SQL Use the following commands for add,change,drop table fields in SQL. SQL>AlTER TABLE <Table name> <ADD,DROP,CHANGE> <field name> ALTER TABLE  `test` ADD  `test INT NOT NULL ALTER TABLE  `test` DROP `name` ALTER TABLE  `test` CHANGE  `name`  `student_name` INT( 11 ) NOT NULL

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mysql table alter query

We can use the following query for add new field to table. this types of queries are alter queries Syntax :ALTER `<table name>` ADD `<fieldname>` <type> <option> Example: ALTER TABLE `engine4_core_poll_societies` ADD `soc_admin` INT NOT NULL

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