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How to Check Expired Sessions using jQuery Ajax and PHP

We can achieve using the php and ajax.The following ajax call execute in every 10 seconds to check the status of session.If it expired the user redirected to seesionout page. Ajax call in every 10 seconds   var check_current_session; function CheckForCurrentSession() { var strSession=”check_current_session=true”; jQuery.ajax({ type: “GET”, url: “check_current_session.php”, data: strSession, cache: false, success: function(result){ if(result== “Y”) { alert(‘Your session ...

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Html Textarea auto resize using javascript

  <script> var observer; if (window.attachEvent) { observer = function (element, event, handler) { element.attachEvent(‘on’+event, handler); }; } else { observer = function (element, event, handler) { element.addEventListener(event, handler, false); }; } function init (maximumHeight) { var text = document.getElementById(‘text’); var maxHeighter=maximumHeight; var olderHeight=  text.scrollHeight; var newerHeight; function resize () { = ‘auto’; newHeight= text.scrollHeight; if(newerHeight>olderHeight && newerHeight>maxHeighter  ) ...

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