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SOMA Messenger is an alternative of whatsapp?

SOMA Messenger  is a fast growing messaging app introduced recently in android play store. Currently 1 Million downloads of this application shows popularity around the world.

1. SECURE- Message encoded utilizing a blend of 2048­bit RSA and 256­bit AES for greatest security.

2. Quick- Faster than whatever other informing application through SOMA’s exclusive dispersed innovation.

3. FREE- Always free.

4.  CALLS- Make and get free calls with your loved ones from anyplace on the planet.

5.  Feature CALLS- Talk with loved ones face­to­face in dazzling HD feature quality.

6. Group CHAT- Create a gathering visit of up to 500 loved ones.

7. Message Delivery CONFIRMATION- time of messages have been delivered and read.

8. EMOTICONS- Great smileys for express great feelings.

9. NO INTERNATIONAL CHARGES- No extra charges.

Mostly the quality of messaging and voice calling is great. HD calling is possible in SOMA. The recording and posting is fast as compared to whatsapp. No need to wait for download of posted content.Its automatically possible.

Play Store Download Link
Features of SOMA Messenger

Soma messenger installation and advantages or Advantages of SOMA messenger over WhatsApp

Screenshot of installed SOMA Messenger


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