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Simple tips to boost your home WiFi

Download and install a free WiFi analyzer app on the phone. I am suggesting Farproc’s WiFi Analyzer for Android is available in the Google Play store. The app shows signal level strength graphically. Check around your home, find the existing WiFi signal strength in distant corners. Depending on several reasons the signal level differ. Check the following things to boost your existing WiFi signal.

1. Place Your WiFi router in center of home/Office

WiFi Position is very important. keep it central. Find the central position in the home for placing router/switch.
Try to get some Quality Ethernet Cat 6 cable and runs the wire to the most central area you can for fixing router.
Remember radio waves mostly spread out towards the ground, not up. So keep the router high position is recommended by the technicians.

2. Limit the number of devices
The number of users very badly affect the speed of WIFI. Wifi router has the option to set the number of devices allowed to connect.
Use it and check how many devices are regularly connecting to the router. If unwanted users there, remove and block them.

3. Use Wifi Repeaters/access point to strengthen the signal

Wifi repeater/access point is ok to improve the signal strength. Easy steps to do this. Install this device and configure wifi repeater.
These devices are boosting up the signal.

How to configure a wifi repeater

1. Plug the Repeater/Extender to a reliable AC power outlet.

2. Connect your Repeater/Extender to your computer using an RJ-45 Ethernet cable.

3. Configure your system’s IP address to be in the same network domain with the Repeater/Extender.

• IP address: 192.168.10.x (x = any number from 2-254)
• Subnet mask:
• Default gateway:
• DNS server addresses: Leave blank

4. Open a browser and enter
into the address bar and hit Enter.

5. change the username and password(suggest to use the same as router)

4. Change your Wi-Fi password regularly
At the time installation, some basic password is using. So a person with some basic computer knowledge can easily guess the password
If you share your password with friends, neighbors, then there is a great chance of reach the wifi password in many hands without your knowledge.

5. Using a USB router

Check the ports on your router. Mostly you can see a USB port, your WiFi router can accomplish something other than work as a simple router. Based on the USB model, USB port can be utilized to associate an outer hard drive (this will be accessible as system storage to every single associated gadget) or to interface a printer (this will make the printer shareable and offer it with anybody on the system).

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