Meta Search engines other than google and yahoo

Popular search engines are Google, yahoo in world. But searching world lot of others are also available. Some of them are topic specified ones. Listed the popular  Meta Search Engines: AOL Up Clusty Dogpile Excite Family Friendly Search Fazzle Curry Guide Info Galaxy Blast Hotbot IceRocket InfoSpace Internet Sleuth Ixquicki ZitoOne Seek Kanoodle Find Some others are are Kartoo, Lycos, Mamma, ...

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How to send mails using PHP

The following function is using for sending php mail: <?php   mail(to, subject, message, headers, parameters); ?> mail is php library function which is using globally t0 – receiving address subject-the subject of mail message- message to send headers-optional, cc,bcc..etc parameters- optional, specifies additional parameters

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How to Create a Widget in socialengine

socialengine Widgets

Socialengine is for social networking. It is a paid software with lot of features. Actually socialengine is an equivalent of facebook. The main features of facebook is available in socialengine. In developers eye socialengine is a  PHP zend framework based project. Its uses all good concepts of zend framewok. They developed custom functions for easier working.The widgets are very important functionality ...

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Softwares OR Technologies using behind the Facebook(PHP,Linux,Mysql)

All are surprised about facebook working. Facbook is so fast and simple to use. Software developers are very interested to know about,what happening behind the facebook. About half billion users are around the world but never feel this for the users. They are very much successfull in this fast running of facebook. The major concept using by facebook is Caching.According to ...

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Google to re-index or reconsider your site

People are reached our site throgh search engines.Major search used nowdays is google and they have theire own mechanisms for identifying each websites. For this purpose they developed a tool called webmaster tools.Virus attack of website is a common and regular issue in internet. Once google identified as your website is malicious and unsafe to visit,they are unindex your site ...

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Recover deleted Facebook messages

Facebook tips and tricks

Recover the deleted facebook message Facebook is a world popular social media platform.Now millions of satisfied customers are on facebook. This social platform is growing day to day with new applications. Most of the people spending a lot of time with facebook. The Facebook message is a utility provided by them. This messaging system has all common features compose, reply Facebook ...

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