Know more about Microsoft windows 10

Know more about Microsoft windows 10

Windows 10 expects to be released at the end of 2015. It will be free for for existing windows7,windows 8 users. This offer is only for first year of release.Microsoft aiming more speedy adoption of windows 10. Windows 10 will run on both desktop and mobile.

One important feature  in windows 10 is Cortana now in desktop pcs. Microsoft Cortana is an intelligent personal assistant on Windows Phones,microsoft band..etc.

Another important feature is new browser spartanFor better browsing experience ,microsoft announced new browser for windows 10 build. The project is code named as “project spartan” . Microsoft Corprate Vice President Joe Belfiore stated about new browser,  “Project spartan will feature a new rendering engine ,that will empower our next generation of windows users on Win 10″. 

Another feature is Microsoft Xbox for better gaming and movie experience.


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