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Laravel 5.6.12 Released

Laravel has come a long way becoming better with each new release. The new release 5.6.12 added support for signed routes and URLs along with quite a few other new additions.

The signed routes were added by Taylor Otwell, which provides a few new methods you can use to generate a signed route and a temporary signed route. For example, if you have a named route foo, you can generate a temporary URL.
The following snippet comes from the pull request tests:

Route::get('/foo/{id}', function (Request $request, $id) {
    return $request->hasValidSignature() ? 'valid' : 'invalid';

URL::temporarySignedRoute('foo', now()->addMinutes(5), ['id' => 1]);

v5.6.12 (2018-03-14)


  • Added fromSub() and fromRaw() methods to query builder (#23476)
  • Added “Not Regex” validation rule (#23475)
  • Added seed parameter to Arr::shuffle() (#23490)
  • Added after callback to model factories (#23495d79509d)
  • Added Request::anyFilled() method (#23499896d817)
  • Added support for signed routes (#23519)
  • Added assertNotFound() and assertForbidden() methods to TestResponse(#23526)
  • Added test helpers to assert that a job has been queued with a chain (#23531696f4d8)


  • Only set id on NotificationFake if there is no id set (#23470)
  • Check whether fetch() method exists in Application::output() (#23471)
  • Improve asset loading in app.stub (#23479)
  • Support ignoring a model during a unique validation check (#23524)
  • Support multiple model observers (#23507)
  • LogManager driver capable of producing logger with any Monolog handler (#23527d499617)
  • Support passing model instance to updateExistingPivot() (#23535)
  • Allow for custom TokenGuard fields (#23542)


  • Fixed clearing the cache without a cache directory (#23538)


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