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How to create facebook like box for your website

Facebook is a social platform for sharing your thoughts,photos,events..etc. Facebook is largely used in websites for many purposes. Facebook like box is a very interesting social plug in for websites. This plugin is largely using in nowdays.
For creating a likebox widget follow the steps
1.create a facebook page for your website/page
Example: https://facebook.com/smarttipsforyou/
2.Go to the link – https://developers.facebook.com
Give following data to create likebox widget
1.href: the Facebook Page URL for this Like Box.
2.width : the width of the Like Box.
3.height : the height of the Like Box.
4.colorscheme: the color for the Like Box. example: ‘light’, ‘dark’.
5.show_faces: say whether or not to show photos in the likebox.
6.stream : say whether or not to show a stream of the latest wall posts.
7.header : say whether or not to show the Facebook header at the top of the likebox.
8.border_color : the border color of the likebox.
9.force_wall : say whether or not to show palces of friends.
After that hit the button “Get code
then will get a fbxml or iframe code just copy paste that code to your site
like box will be created

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