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The things wants to know about sharjah

The meaning of Sharjah in Arabic is the Rising Sun. Sharjah is the third largest of the seven emirates. The neighbors of Sharjah are Dubai and Abu Dhabi.  Sharjah is the Heart of Arabian Culture. This the right place for exploring the Arabic culture.  Sharjah emirate strictly following Arabic tradition.
Sharjah consist of 20 Museums,heritage places,art galleries..etc. The UNESCO given the honor  “CULTURAL CAPITAL” of arabia to sharjah. The total area of emirate is 2,600 sq kms and  sharjah has coastal area in both east and west.
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Map of Sharjah
sharjah map

Sharjah has a history of back over 5,000 years.  One of the most important sea port on the lower coastline of the Gulf was at Sharjah. The oil was invented sharjah in 1972,  before that the traditional ways of Sharjah life based on trade, boat building, fishing..etc. Sharjah was ruled by the Qawassim family. The first airport in the UAE is in Sharjah.

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