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Guidelines to Police clearance certificate from Kerala Police

UAE Authorities have declared a strict new security check from Feb 4, 2018.  The United Arab Emirates work visa will need to secure a Good Conduct and Behavior Certificate / Police Clearance Certificate (PCC). 

Here are the steps to get the PCC or Police Clearance certificate from Kerala.

Indian Citizens can apply online through the website of the Ministry of External Affairs Consular, Passport and Visa Division website: http://passportindia.gov.in/AppOnlineProject/online/pccOnlineApp

Procedure to getting Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)

  1. The Police Department of Kerala issues Police Clearance Certificates (PCC) normally to the following 3 categories of applicants.
    1. Direct Application in Kerala.
    2. Application from outside Kerala but in India.
    3. Application from abroad

    PCCs are sought for various types of employment inside the country, Visas of other countries for various purposes including for employment abroad and for a change of jobs and other purposes in India and abroad.

  2. Instructions have been issued on the procedures for giving Police Clearance Certificates (PCC) for obtaining Airport Entry passes vide Circular referred as 1st above. Instructions and further modifications regarding the procedures to be adopted for issuing PCCs for those seeking UAE Visas were issued vide references cited 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th.
  3. The following instructions are being issued collating all these aspects for smoother and easier implementation. These instructions will modify the earlier referred instructions to the extent they prescribe fresh parameters/directions. The objective of all these exercises is to ensure that common people get the services promptly and with ease.It is desirable that applicant makes the application to obtain PCC himself/herself; however in case this is not possible a person/body, authorized properly by the applicant may submit the application. The PCC shall only be sent to the applicant and only in exceptional circumstances to be given to an authorized person.
      • The fee for any type of PCC shall be ` 500/-. This fee can be paid in cash at the Police Station or at the DPO wherever required by the applicant/authorized person for which the receipt in TR 5 will be issued.
      • The applicant has the option to make online payment through e-Treasury portal or do treasury cash remittance to the appropriate Head of Account for which he/she will be expected to produce sufficient evidence/proof at the time of submitting the application for PCC.
      • In order to quicken the process, PCC for UAE employment Visas will be issued by the SHO of concerned Police Station (while PCCs for other requirements will continue to be issued by the DPCs, as is being done at present).
      • The application for all types of PCC will be submitted after being filled up by the applicant in the proforma (Annexure-I) prescribed through Executive Directive No.02/2018 dtd 31/01/2018. Such application can be submitted by others who are authorized; However the PCC shall be sent to the applicant only in most of the cases except in same genuine circumstances where an authorized person/body will receive the PCC after proving the identity and due authorization.
      • The application for the UAE visas for employment will be submitted at the respective Police Stations and for other categories at the offices of the respective District Police Chiefs.
      • The application should be accompanied by the following documents.
        Proof of Address: Attested copy of any one of the following:

        • Copy of Ration Card
        • Voters ID
        • SSLC Book
        • Passport
        • Aadhar Card
        • Copy of Bank account Pass Book

        Proof of Identity: Attested copy of any one of these documents:

        • Identity card issued by the State Govt. or Central Govt. Institution.
        • Passport
        • Aadhar Card
        • Voters ID
        • Driving License

        Copy of letter/document showing the requirement of PCC(like the attested copy of advertisement etc.) Passport size color photographs(3 Nos.)

Download Forms

The Application forms and Police Clearance Certificate forms can be download from Kerala Police Department Website: Link

Source: http://www.keralapolice.org/public-information/guidelines-to-public/guidelines-to-pcc

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