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Common Networking Protocols used in communication

FTP-File Transfer Protocol : Port 21
SSH-Secure Shell : Port 22
Telnet -Port 23
SIATP -Simple Mail Transfer Protocol : Port 25
DNS-Domain Naming System (or Service): Port 53
HTTP-Hypertext Transfer Protocol : Pott 80
POP3 -Post Office Protocol : Port 110
HAAR-Internet Message Access Protocol : Port 143
HTTPS-HTTP Secure : Port 443
RDP-Remote Desktop Protocol : Port 3389
TCP-Transmission Control Protocol
UDP-User Datagram Protocol
ARP -Address Resolution Protocol
RARP-Reverse ARP
DHCP-Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol : Server Port 67. Client Port 68
PATP-Media Transfert Protocol
SFTP-Secure File Transfer Protocol
SSL-Secure Socket Layer
Us -Transport Layer Security
E6-Ethernet globalization protocols
NTP-Network time protocol
PPP-Point to Point Protocol
NNTP-Network News Transfer Protocol
QOTD-Quote Of The Day
Bitcoin Protocol-Protocol for Bitcoin transactions and transfers on the web
ICPAP-Internet Control Message Protocol
IGMP-Internet Group Management Protocol
GGP-Gateway -to -Gateway Protocol
IP-in-IP-IP in IP (encapsulation)

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