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Build traffic for new website or blog

1- Build proper web page – good Design, Quality web Development, Accurate Navigation, Descriptive Sitemap) 2- Do competitor research (Niche-wise) 3- Keyword research (Google keyword planner or any other) 4- Do not filter keyword (Its Google job) 5- On-Site Optimization (On-page practices) 6- Build Social media channels 7- Build Social Bookmarking Channels 8- Off-Site Optimization (Off-page practices)

Useful SEO Tips

PART 1 1. Keep 10 keywords per/page with a 2-3% keyword density.  Each page should have at least three keywords and they should be related to the content of the page. 2.  Title Tag should contain the keywords for that page- Remember, not more than 3. 3. Write a good description meta tag, which helps visitors decide

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What is SMO(social media optimization)?

Social media optimization Social media optimization (SMO) is the utilization of various Social media Tools/websites or groups to create reputation to expand the attention to a product/website, service brand or events.

Check PAGE RANK (google page rank) of Websites or website pages

The developers and users are interested to know the page rank of their websites or web pages . Online tools are available to check the ranking of webpages.Can’t easily ranked in Google by hosting the website. After hosting requires continuous works for better results because Google keeps standards for ranking a website. This page ranking approach helps to maintain the standards

Meta Search engines other than google and yahoo

Popular search engines are Google, yahoo in world. But searching world lot of others are also available. Some of them are topic specified ones. Listed the popular  Meta Search Engines: AOL Up Clusty Dogpile Excite Family Friendly Search Fazzle Curry Guide Info Galaxy Blast Hotbot IceRocket InfoSpace Internet Sleuth Ixquicki ZitoOne Seek Kanoodle Find Some others

Google to re-index or reconsider your site

People are reached our site throgh search engines.Major search used nowdays is google and they have theire own mechanisms for identifying each websites. For this purpose they developed a tool called webmaster tools.Virus attack of website is a common and regular issue in internet. Once google identified as your website is malicious and unsafe to

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