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extract date from datetime in php

PHP is a object oriented programming language for website building. PHP has number of in-built of functions to do different tasks .one important function is date.We can use date php function in different ways. Sometimes date from the back-end as timestamps. It means contains both date and time. some situations only need date part so use the following code. $timewithdate ...

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How to get form values by serializeArray() jQuery function

The following jquery script can use for get form input values <script type=”text/javascript”>// <![CDATA[ //function to get form values function getformValues() { var fields = $(“:input”).serializeArray(); $(“#smarttips-div”).empty(); jQuery.each(fields, function(i, field){ $(“#smarttips-div”).append(field.value + ” “); }); } //call function to get form values getformValues(); </script>

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How to send mails using PHP

The following function is using for sending php mail: <?php   mail(to, subject, message, headers, parameters); ?> mail is php library function which is using globally t0 – receiving address subject-the subject of mail message- message to send headers-optional, cc,bcc..etc parameters- optional, specifies additional parameters

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How to Create a Widget in socialengine

socialengine Widgets

Socialengine is for social networking. It is a paid software with lot of features. Actually socialengine is an equivalent of facebook. The main features of facebook is available in socialengine. In developers eye socialengine is a  PHP zend framework based project. Its uses all good concepts of zend framewok. They developed custom functions for easier working.The widgets are very important functionality ...

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