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Free Online Tools for web statistics

Alexa Rank checker Google PageRank checker Password Encryptor/Decryptor Website IP Address finder IP Blacklist Checker IP Geolocation Finder Domain Availability finder Domain Age Checker Website online/offline checker Browser details finder Webserver finder Google Bot last Crawled date finder Google indexed page count checker Meta tag finder Website ping tool Webpage header finder Webpage size checker

Add multiple products to Paypal Cart with One Click

Paypal is a payment gateway used in number of websites in world wide.We can post shopping cart info  to paypal from the website The following code shows the syntax of code used to post multiple cart items to paypal <form id=”paypalform” action=”” method=”post” name=”paypal_auto_form”> <input name=”rm” type=”hidden” value=”2″ /> <input name=”cmd” type=”hidden” value=”_cart” /> <input

WhatSim-SIM for WhatsApp messaging

WhatsApp is the most popular internet messaging available now a days.Facebook is take over whatsApp as part of business expansion. Facebook extending the whatsApp services.They are published whatsApp sim for overcome the limitations ofinternet based messaging.Mainly this for travelling to different countries.They can use whatsApp without any roaming charges. The whatsim price is €10(750/-) for

Know more about Microsoft windows 10

Windows 10 expects to be released at the end of 2015. It will be free for for existing windows7,windows 8 users. This offer is only for first year of release.Microsoft aiming more speedy adoption of windows 10. Windows 10 will run on both desktop and mobile. One important feature  in windows 10 is Cortana now in

Remove youtube branding from youtube video

For removing the logo or branding  add  the parameter modestbranding=1 to youtube URL. modestbranding  has two options 1 and 0 1-prevent the display of branding. 0-enable the option of branding One thing is that , mouse over the video or video player a small YouTube text label will display in the upper right corner of a paused video. In

Add and verify a website in

Register and get meta verification code from <meta name=”alexaVerifyID” content=”<alexa code type here>“/> 1. Take your website page . 2. Find head Tag 3. Put verification code in between head tag<meta name=”alexaVerifyID” content=”<alexa code type here>” /> 4.Click on verify button in   Alexa verification in wordpress 1. Take dashboard of wordpress2. Take  the Appearance ->Editor 3. Click header.php

Fireworks 2015 at Burj khalifa

Fireworks 2015 at Burj khalifa- In Dubai Wonderful fireworks and new Year countdown display on the tallest building(burj khalifa) at new year eve. The building group EMAAR is behind this great event. Live streaming also available in YouTube. Any where in the world no matter people can enjoy the world’s greatest fire works conducted by