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How To Install Node.js Framework with Express and modules

1. Get a repository or package  of node.js using following command sudo apt-get install nodejs 2. After that we need a  NodeJS package manager (npm) sudo apt-get install npm Run the node.js using the command node node.js node.js supports different modules Examples : ,express,http..etc var socket = require( ‘’ ); var express = require( ‘express’ ); var

batch file renaming in ubuntu

In Ubuntu bulk file renaming or batch file renaming is not easy as like in windows. We need to install packages for easy renaming of file names. One of the best package found suitable for ubuntu file renaming is “pyRenamer” Install pyRenamer – sudo apt-get install pyrenamer. Take pyRenamer from Accessories->pyRenamer.pyRenamer has different options for

How to Recover deleted files on netbeans IDE

NetBeans IDE 7.3 is a super tool for development and it supports several programming languages.We are now using NetBeans IDE 7.3 for different different types of software development environments. In NetBeans IDE 7.3 recovering options are also available. Right click on the folder/directory of NetBeans IDE 7.3 that the files had been deleted. Then Choose Local History