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What is node js

Node.js is a Server side java scripting  used to build reliable and scalable applications. Node.js is Server Side Javascript, used for developing server software. Node.js is not a client side script and it works only in server.It is mainly using as part of  network based programs.This server side scripting is using callback method in server to handle multiple requests. Node.js ...

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How To Install Node.js Framework with Express and socket.io modules

1. Get a repository or package  of node.js using following command sudo apt-get install nodejs 2. After that we need a  NodeJS package manager (npm) sudo apt-get install npm Run the node.js using the command node node.js node.js supports different modules Examples : socket.io ,express,http..etc var socket = require( ‘socket.io’ ); var express = require( ‘express’ ); var http = require( ‘http’ ); ...

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