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The Indian government has blocked more than 857 vulgarity sites

Indian banned more than 857 porn sites

The Indian government has blocked more than 857  sites contains vulgarity  from being gotten to inside of the nation. It was on track late on Friday from India’s Department of Telecommunications and was in action today. Evidently, attempting to get to sites now brings about either a message saying it has been blocked, or it essentially doesn’t available by any ...

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Get youtube video time duration

website development

Use the following PHP function will return the YouTube video duration.Before that following the step given below Steps for get Get youtube video time duration. 1.Create one Google API and get API key from https://console.developers.google.com At the time of creating api please leave the option blank “creating api Accept requests from these HTTP referrers (web sites) (Optional)”. So your  requests ...

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wifi hotspots in kochi

Kochi put one major step to move into the digital world .Kochi corporation announced WiFi hot-spots in major areas of city Now wifi availibilty  in 11 important areas of city. 1. Corporation office 2. Subhash Park. 3. Kaloor bus stand 4. Edappally junction 5. High Court, 6. Mattancherry 7. Subhash Park. 8. Marine Drive. 9. Fort Kochi. 10. Durbar Hall ...

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How to Check Expired Sessions using jQuery Ajax and PHP

We can achieve using the php and ajax.The following ajax call execute in every 10 seconds to check the status of session.If it expired the user redirected to seesionout page. Ajax call in every 10 seconds   var check_current_session; function CheckForCurrentSession() { var strSession=”check_current_session=true”; jQuery.ajax({ type: “GET”, url: “check_current_session.php”, data: strSession, cache: false, success: function(result){ if(result== “Y”) { alert(‘Your session ...

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Download free HTML and CSS book(pdf)

HTML and CSS have turn into the common language for web architects in today’s present day world and with the innovation persistently blasting, more individuals are getting to be capable with web programming. Additionally, all organizations, brands, items, and administrations as of now have their own site to accelerate their association with the clients and customers. Having somebody plan and ...

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Youtube Launches multi angle video as experiment watch and enjoy

The media giant Youtube launches an exciting feature for video lovers and creators. The multi angle view feature allow users to watch a video from different angles.The user can click on each view to see the video from that angle.This feature is possible by allowing the user to upload a video from multiple camera angles.Now YouTube giving this feature as ...

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WhatSim-SIM for WhatsApp messaging

WhatsApp is the most popular internet messaging available now a days.Facebook is take over whatsApp as part of business expansion. Facebook extending the whatsApp services.They are published whatsApp sim for overcome the limitations ofinternet based messaging.Mainly this for travelling to different countries.They can use whatsApp without any roaming charges. The whatsim price is €10(750/-) for a year. This allows customers ...

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Google planning to start telecom services with project Nova

Google is planning to launch mobile and telecom services with the support of  companies Sprint and T-mobile ,infrastructure providers.The project is codenamed as “Nova” and expected to be in market later this year. Google Inc. is going to provide mobile plans directly to customers and also manage call and data network. Google planning to implement this service in the areas have Google Fiber Internet service. At ...

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How to Use WhatsApp on Desktop

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging system in now days.Mobile version of WhatsApp is available in all major mobile platforms includes Android,iPhone,windows phone and Blackberry. Finally WhatsApp announced desktop version of messaging , using web browser to sent and receive messages. This version is a extension of mobile so all messages in your mobile is also available in web. Steps ...

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Microsoft replacing IE with New Browser in Windows 10

For better browsing experience ,microsoft announced new browser for windows 10 build. The project is code named as “project spartan” . Microsoft Corprate Vice President Joe Belfiore stated about new browser,  “Project spartan will feature a new rendering engine ,that will empower our next generation of windows users on Win 10”.  Microsoft not revealed  technical details of new render engine and  its core.  

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