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Common Networking Protocols used in communication

FTP-File Transfer Protocol : Port 21 SSH-Secure Shell : Port 22 Telnet -Port 23 SIATP -Simple Mail Transfer Protocol : Port 25 DNS-Domain Naming System (or Service): Port 53 HTTP-Hypertext Transfer Protocol : Pott 80 POP3 -Post Office Protocol : Port 110 HAAR-Internet Message Access Protocol : Port 143 HTTPS-HTTP Secure : Port 443 RDP-Remote Desktop Protocol : Port 3389 ...

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Kodak launches DSLR camera phone

Eastman Kodak, the Great American imaging products company launched a smartphone named Kodak EKTRA for DSLR lovers. A mini DSLR in hand with touch controls, premium look and feel with leather back and side metal body finish. Specs: Leading Helio X-20 2.3GHz Decacore Processor 3000 mAh battery 3GB RAM 32GB Memory, expandable with MicroSD cards 5″ Full HD IPS display ...

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Intel Announced the 6th-generation Core processor Lineup named ‘SKYLAKE’

Intel  6th-generation Core processo

Intel listed out their 6th-generation Core processor line-up at the annual IFA trade show in Berlin.The Company says this is the most scalable generation of core processors which comes in a broad range of devices ranging from desktops to small Intel compute sticks. Intel claims that these processors can provide experiences and performance that no other hardware can offer with ...

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The Intel® Compute Stick-pc on your hand

Intel introduced a new plug and play  stick “The Intel® Compute Stick” with windows 8.1 or with Linux. An ultra small,powerful device for inches.In an another word a desktop pc in your hand. Its an amousing device from the great Hardware giant Intel. Specifications: Length:4 inches Processor : Quad core Intel® Atom™ processor Memory : 2GB RAM Storage: On board ...

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