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How to download video from YouTube in Simple steps

You can easily download videos from video sharing site YouTube easily without installing any downloading software. The only thing you have to do is just editing the URL as follows. 1. Open the video you want to download in any browser 2. insert ‘ss’ replacing ‘https://www.’ eg: new URL : press ENTER  

steps to undo the sent email in Gmail

How to Recall or undo the sent email in gmail

Numerous individuals dont know how to undo the sent email in Gmail. Gmail supports the undo wonderful option. To do this login to gmail and do the following Steps: Step 1. [highlight]Go to Setting Panel(Gear icon on right hand side) in Gmail.[/highlight] Step 2. [highlight]Take a general tab and can see the undo send option.[/highlight]

Google Announced New Company Called Alphabet

Google Announced New Company Called Alphabet

Google is updating its corporate structure to distinct its search operations, YouTube videos and other Web business from its research and enterprise divisions. [highlight]The new google company named as “Alphabet” lead by Larry page. He will be the chief executive officer(CEO) of Alphabet. Sergey Brin acting as president. Mr.Sundar Pichai will be promoted as CEO

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Get youtube video time duration

Use the following PHP function will return the YouTube video duration.Before that following the step given below Steps for get Get youtube video time duration. 1.Create one Google API and get API key from At the time of creating api please leave the option blank “creating api Accept requests from these HTTP referrers (web