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Women safety mobile app of Delhi Police Himmat

Delhi police announced a new app for women safety “Himmat”. Himmat will allow women to send a call to Police control room ,relatives and friends at the time of an emergency.The app is  mainly for women travel outside home for work ,shopping ..etc. The himmat app is launched by union minister raj nath sigh on Thursday.

The things wants to know about sharjah

The meaning of Sharjah in Arabic is the Rising Sun. Sharjah is the third largest of the seven emirates. The neighbors of sharjah are Dubai and Abu Dhabi.  Sharjah is the Heart of Arabian Culture. This the right place for explore the arabic culture.  Sharjah emirate strictly following Arabic  tradition. Sharjah consist of 20 Museums,heritage places,art

Happy birthday Jason Statham

Jason Statham famous for his realistic action sequences and natural acting. His Famous movie is Transporter series. Jason Statham’s BIRTHDAY – 26 July 1967 Jason Statham’s BIRTHPLACE – Shirebrook, Derbyshire, England, UK Jason Statham’s AGE-48 years old Jason Statham’s BIRTH SIGN-Leo Birth: 26 – July 1967 age: 46 Derbyshire Shirebrook, England UK Role: Actor Year: 998–present

Send upto 2GB of data via internet

The common email severs like gmail, yahoo have  data limit for sending emails .Internet users are  looking for a way to send send large files through Internet. Better solution for this problem is using third party agents . The following website allow us to send up-to 2GB of data through Internet.  

State wise list of IDEA customer care centers

State wise list of IDEA  customer care centers Andhra Pradesh -:9848012345 Delhi -:9891012345 Gujarat-:9824012345 Haryana -:9812012345 Kerala :-9847012345 Madhya Pradesh -:9826012345 Maharashtra & Goa -:9822012345 Bihar Circle -:9708012345 Mumbai Circle -:9702012345 Himachal Pradesh Circle  -:9882012345 Rajasthan Circle -:9887012345 UP (East) Circle -:9889012345

How to check ip address of a website

Linux Go to terminal ping <website name> then you will get a reply with ip address and sever details of website. Example: smarttips@sijo-System-Product-Name:~$ ping 64 bytes from ( icmp_req=1 ttl=55 time=165 ms windows Got to start window take run ->cmd c:> ping 64 bytes from ( icmp_req=2 ttl=55 time=165 ms  

Deficiency Diseases

Diseases Due to the Deficiency of Vitamins Vitamin A –  Nightblindness,Xerophthalmia Vitamin B1 – Berberi Vitamin B5  -Pellagra Vitamin C – Scurvy Vitamin D – Rickets Vitamin K –  Delay in Blood Clotting