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How To stop autoplay of Facebook Videos

Simple Steps to disable autoplay of Facebook Videos 1. Click on the down arrow icon at the top-right of your Facebook homepage 2. Go to facebook settings 3. Take Video tab 4. Select Auto-play Video Option and choose ‘off’ option Finished Video Tutorial of stop autoplay of Facebook Videos

Facebook Sell Something Button

Facebook Introduces New Sell Something Button in Groups

Facebook is experimenting with another Feature  for Users/Groups who are interested  to sell something through facebook. This is like posting something in group wall. The new “Sell Something” feature is placed on a group’s page where the ordinarily post option button appear. This feature is only available to limited groups have high activities.Then The facebook prompt the

Backup your Facebook profile data in easy steps

Simple steps to get Facebook profile data. We can save it as document for future use and understand the time spend in Facebook for different activities. Step 1. Login into your Facebook account and go to [highlight]settings-> General account Settings.[/highlight] Step 2. Instantly you can see the [highlight]Download a copy of your Information[/highlight]  data link, now

How to merge pages on facebook with different names

In case you are an administrator of two Pages, you may have the chance to merge them. This choice is accessible for Pages that speak to the same thing and have comparative names. On the off chance that your Pages have physical areas, verify the locations are the same. To merge your facebook Pages follow

how to block game requests on facebook

  1. Login into facebook 2. Go to settings: Click on the menu shown in left side “Blocking” Different types of blocking are there. Choose the right one. 1. You can block the entire app request from a  friend.(Block app invites) OR 2. You can block a particular app request(Block apps)

Refresh or clear cached Facebook share content

Facebook usually took 24 hrs to automatically update the shared content. There is another way to do it manually. Take this url Enter Your URL followed by fbrefresh=CAN_BE_ANYTHING Example:

How to Download / Save Facebook Albums or photos

Facebook is social media website popular in now days. Facebook is used to share and store photos of differnt types known as facebook albums. Thousands of photos can store in facebook. We can see the friends album photos and also possible to share if it is alloweded. The people can easily download single photos but

How to create facebook like box for your website

Facebook is a social platform for sharing your thoughts,photos,events..etc. Facebook is largely used in websites for many purposes. Facebook like box is a very interesting social plug in for websites. This plugin is largely using in nowdays. For creating a likebox widget follow the steps 1.create a facebook page for your website/page Example: 2.Go