Add multiple products to Paypal Cart with One Click

Add multiple products to Paypal Cart with One Click

Paypal is a payment gateway used in number of websites in world wide.We can post shopping cart info  to paypal from the website

The following code shows the syntax of code used to post multiple cart items to paypal

<form id=”paypalform” action=”” method=”post” name=”paypal_auto_form”>

<input name=”rm” type=”hidden” value=”2″ />

<input name=”cmd” type=”hidden” value=”_cart” />

<input name=”upload” type=”hidden” value=”1″ />

<input name=”business” type=”hidden” value=”” />

<input name=”currency_code” type=”hidden” value=”AED” />

<input name=”quantity” type=”hidden” value=”1″ />

<input name=”return” type=”hidden” value=”” />

<input name=”cancel_return” type=”hidden” value=”” />

<input name=”notify_url” type=”hidden” value=”” />

<input name=”item_name_1″ type=”hidden” value=”Fitness Five” />

<input name=”item_number_1″ type=”hidden” value=”ab35e84a215f0f711ed629c2abb9efa0″ />

<input name=”quantity_1″ type=”hidden” value=”7″ />

<input name=”amount_1″ type=”hidden” value=”1015″ />

<input name=”item_name_2″ type=”hidden” value=”ONE DAY PASS” />

<input name=”item_number_2″ type=”hidden” value=”ec308451c1d095c528cfa3c009ea7235″ />

<input name=”quantity_2″ type=”hidden” value=”10″ />

<input name=”amount_2″ type=”hidden” value=”300″ />

<input name=”custom” type=”hidden” value=”failed” />
<input class=”btn reg-btn redbtn checkoutbtn martop10″ type=”submit” value=”continue to checkout” />





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